Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts'

by hammer + vine


Ceropegia Woodii 'string of hearts' 

Available in a 4" and 6" hanging growers pot. 

String of Hearts are a fantastic house plant and if given proper nurture, has a very long lifespan. These beauties love to trail and make perfect hanging or shelf plants. They have adorable heart shaped leaves that are a plump dark green, and speckled with silvery iridescence.

In nature they usually grow as ground cover, and you'll probably notice that they grow small potato-like root balls alone their strings. These can be easily propagated by cutting, or simply by curling up on top of the soil!

Watering - Ceropegia are drought tolerant plants and can go pretty dry between waterings, but require more frequent waterings than most other succulents. Give it a very thorough watering when it is time, and be sure not to allow the plant to sit in standing water. 

Sunshine - These plants love a bright space with some light dappling. It is happiest in a bright window with very little direct sun.

Planter - When repotting, be gentle with this plant's delicate root stem and be sure to plant in a vessel with ample drainage. Using a chunky, well draining soil mix will also help to keep them happy! Check out some pot options here.