Portland Gift Delivery

HELLO! Hammer + Vine’s brick & mortar plant store is open for in-person shopping 6 days a week, closed Tuesdays. Our webshop is open for local delivery and pickup orders. Our local delivery fee is $7.50 with a $30 minimum purchase. We hand-deliver each order in 1-4 days via our in-house delivery service. If you have any special request or need help selecting plants or planters please call or send us a text message 503-224-9678 - we’d love to help. Thank you for choosing to support a small local business – it truly means the world to us!
Portland Gift Delivery
A.P. Portland OR

Of all the specialty plant shops I've visited, I feel like this one has the best vibe- friendly, not judgmental, fair prices (comparatively), diverse selection, not hard to get customer service (also not intrusive if you're just looking). The individual that's been there every time I've been in is very knowledgeable and helpful and patient.

Bobby H. Seattle WA

Love this place. Girlfriend and I were caught off the street by the art in the window. Were drawn back in the next day for their all day drop-in terrarium workshop. Ended up going back home to Seattle with two homemade pieces. Thank you guys so much!

Izzy Charles Portland, OR

By far the best plant shop in Portland. The staff are so excited about their work, and are happy to help and refer you to other places if you don't find what you need.
The plants are some of the healthiest I've found in any plant shop, and none of them are left to neglect.
Also, they have those cute "mid-century modern" planters, but theirs actually have drain holes!! Finally people who understand plant lovers just as much as they understand plants!
I am so glad I found this little gem hiding on Burnside. It may seem like an inconvenient location, but it is worth any trip, or hunt for parking. 👍

J. Dean Portland, OR

Pretty amazing experience going in recently after moving to Portland. I was admittedly lost with what to buy for my new home but the woman Jess was absolutely delightful. She took the time to direct me right within what would be perfect for my home. Thanks again for a great experience!!!

Emily Lai Portland, OR

Every single plant I've bought here is thriving. Every single store person I've encountered here is helpful and knowledgeable. Like many othe reviews here, I think the plants here are heartier and healthier than most plant stores in town. I've gotten some incredible snake plants, jade plants, euphorbias, succulents, and philodendrons here.