Monstera Adansonii

by hammer + vine


Monstera Adansonii 'Swiss cheese plant'

Available in a 4" and 6" growers pot.

This plant is recognized by its extreme leaf fenestrations and narrow dark green foliage. Like most monsteras, they are epiphytes and love to climb, but can also be trained to trail on a shelf or in a hanging basket.

Watering - Monsteras have a very strong root system, allow them to dry all the way through in-between waterings. They are very tolerant plants, you may notice their leaves will curl slightly when they’ve become very dry. If the soil is dry and you see this visual cue, it's time to water!

Sunshine - Adansonii are tolerant of lower light conditions, but for best results and a happy plant bright indirect light is ideal! You might notice that in brighter light, they will produce larger, more fenestrated leaves. This is because the plant is adapting to allow light to its lower foliage.

Planter - Monsteras enjoy being tight in their pots, so repotting is only necessary when they become thoroughly root-bound. When repotting, look for a pot with a drainage hole and use a chunky soil mix to allow oxygen to the roots. Check out these terra cotta planters here.