Rubber Tree 'Tineke'

by hammer + vine


Ficus Elastica 'rubber tree'

Available in a 4", 6", 8" and 10" growers pot.

The Tineke cultivar is stunningly known for its tricolor leaf patterns that look almost like a watercolor painting!

If you're wanting to have a tree indoor, this ficus is an excellent option. It's large, robust leaves make it a great statement plant. They are fairly beginner-safe with their easy care.

Tineke are slightly slower growing due to their variegation, but can still become large indoor trees if given proper care. 

Watering - This is a plant that requires very thorough watering but only when it has thoroughly dried out for a bit. Like most plants, the frequency of waterings will slow throughout the fall and winter, so make sure to check that the soil is nice and dry before giving it a good drink!

Sunshine - The Tineke's creamier leaf color is happiest with slightly brighter indirect light than its darker leaved siblings, and will start to lose some of its fantastic color if placed in too dark of conditions.