Peperomia 'Frost'

by hammer + vine


Peperomia caperata 'Frost'

Available in a 4" and 6" growers pot.

Native to South American rainforests, these beauties are hardy and unique. They often get mistaken for a member of the succulent family because of their dense, fleshy foliage, but are very different in terms of care requirements.

The peperomia family is massive and the plants come in a wide variety of leaf shape and color pattern! The name ‘peperomia’ hails for the Greek term ‘looks like pepper’ because many plants in this genus have leaves that resemble that of a black pepper plant!

Throw in the fact that they are pet-friendly, and you've got the ultimate house plant.

Watering - Allow the majority of the soil to dry out well before giving the plant a very thorough watering. Peperomias store extra water in their fleshy stems and leaves and therefore can handle being dried out.

Sunshine - This plant is happiest in bright, indirect light. Place it somewhere it can see the sky, but too much direct sun should be avoided. If you notice the vivid patterns fading, that could be a sign it is receiving too much light.