Alocasia 'Silver Dragon'

by hammer + vine


Available in a 4" nursery pot.

The Alocasia genus is full of unique leave shapes, colors, and textures. When mature, some species can grow leaves a couple feet long and wide! A majority of the cultivars are native to Asia, with some being from Australia. They are typically found growing beneath tree canopies in warm tropical environments. 

They are humidity lovers, and during the ideal growth season are very prolific growers. Alocasias due tend to have a dormant phase over the winter. Keep them warm and go easy on the watering and you should see your plant perk right back up in the spring!

Watering - Allow the soil to dry out about halfway before giving your plant a thorough watering until it drains out the bottom of its pot.

Sunshine - Alocasias thrive in a bright indirect lighting. Avoid direct sun to prevent leaf burning.