Pilea Peperomiodes 'Friendship Plant'

by hammer + vine


Pilea Peperomiodes 'Chinese Money Plant' aka 'Friendship Plant'

*** 4" pots smaller than pictured.

Available in a 2" and 4" growers pot.

This alien-like houseplant is native to the Himalayan cliff-sides of China which make it quite a hardy species. 

They often produce small pups along the sides of the pot that are easy to pluck off and propagate for yourself or for friends!

Watering - Let the soil dry out nearly all the way in between waterings. The leaves will droop which is a good sign it is time to water!

Sunshine - Pilea Peperomiodes are happiest in bright light and can handle some full sun. Pro tip: rotate your plant ever week or so to keep it growing even (or just let it go crazy).

Planter - Repot in the spring time when it outgrows its current pot. This is also an excellent opportunity to separate the offshoots and make more plant babies! Check out our planter selection here.