Philodendron Birkin

by hammer + vine


Philodendron 'Birkin' 

Current batch is very full and extra pretty!

Available in a 4" and 6" growers pot.

This cultivar is part of the massive Philodendron genus and actually does not occur naturally in the wild. This plant came about not long ago and was the result of a spontaneous mutation found in the more common, Congo Rojo, which you can see here

These plants are fairly slow growing and don't get too large, which makes them a fantastic table-top plant. The Birkin is recognized the extremely unique bright white pin-striping on the leaves, which tends to get more intense as the plant matures, sometimes even producing solid white leaves.

Watering - Philodendrons want to dry out about halfway in between waterings, but love a heavy watering when the time comes. A nice breathable soil mix is great for allowing airflow to the roots even in moist soil conditions.

Sunshine - Birkins can be sensitive to direct sunlight so they do best in medium indirect light, or behind a thin shade. 

Planter - Since these plants enjoy a humid and evenly moist soil environment, something ceramic or glazed would be a great fit! The Gemstone planters would be an excellent fit.