Kanso Upcycled Planter

by hammer + vine


These planters offer a modern update to the traditional earthy tones. Elevate your aesthetic, and add a unique contrast to your plant collection. Each set comes with 1 planter with a drainage hole, plug, and 1 matching saucer. 

Made with recycled plastics, the finished product is combined with materials like natural stone and wood to completely change the nature of plastic into a green composite material. As each planter is the result of handcrafted finishes, each item contains its own personality and unique details.


  • Recycled Plastic | Natural Stone | Wood Dust
  • Porous  
  • Hand Finished 
  • Lightweight


4" - 4.75in Width x 4.75in Height (4.25in Opening Diameter)

7" - 7in Width x 6.3in Height (6.4in Opening Diameter)

9" - 9in Width x 8in Height (8.5in Opening Diameter)

11" - 11.5in Width x 14in Height (11in Opening Diameter)

Tapered design as shown *no saucer

12" - 12.75in Width x 11.4in Height (12in Opening Diameter)