PDX Reptile Expo Jan 2015

These are some of our favorite pictures from the Northwest Reptile Expo, January 2015.  We were here again with lots of awesome terrarium and vivarium plants, dart frogs and glass along with our friend Andrew who had some very nice frogs to offer as well.

Axolotls.  These cool little guys are an amphibian that stays completely aquatic it's whole life.  Instead of going through a complete metamorphis and emerging a salamander the axolotl stays in what would be the salamander's larval stage it's whole life.  They come from lakes in Mexico City and due to human development devastating there natural habitats they may now be extinct in the wild.  They are bred readily in captivity however.


A whip scorpion, not to be confused with a true scorpion.  These have a whiplike nonvenomous tail and glands in their rear that can spray acetic and caprylic acid when startled.

An exceptionally beautiful specimen of a green tree python.

Darren Meyer of Driftwood Frogs.

Tommy, the Blue Frog Guy.

A male jackson chameleon.  We've caught these guys back in Hawaii.

Panther chameleon. These reptiles can exhibit some of the most beautiful colors including bright reds and blues.

Jenelle and Kaya working hard at the hammer + vine booth.

Hymenopus coronatus, or orchid mantis.  One of the most beautiful types of praying mantis in my opinion.  These hang out on orchids in the rain forests of Southeast Asia, mimicking flowers while waiting for prey to approach.

Phelsuma klemmeri or neon day gecko.

Some nice terrariums from our friends at Roosevelt's Terrariums.

Skulls!  Can you identify them all?

Our friends Jeff and Jacob of Sarracenia Northwest with some of the fine carnivorous plants they grow.

One snake!  

Two snakes!


White snake!

Blue snake!  (Yeah, there is some blue in that green tree python.)