Woodblock Chocolate Bar

by hammer + vine


We currently have 3 of our favorite flavors from this remarkable local chocolate maker:

Coffee Milk

Can’t get no chocolate satisfaction? Here’s your artisan, blue collar, chocolate coffee speedball. They add Stumptown Roasters’ infamous Hair Bender coffee to the grinder with our Swiss style sweet 45% milk chocolate. After a two-day dance marathon the blend of flavonoids comes into its own and a miraculously silky texture is achieved. This chocolate bar makes your taste buds strut and your satisfaction bone swagger.


True Love

Sometimes we put our Signature Double Origin chocolate in a pretty heart themed wrapper. This is that.


Peru, Cajamarca 70% - Shop Favorite!

Imagine delicious chocolate. Now imagine it better. These cocoa beans are grown in a secluded canyon high in the mountains, on plants that have been undisturbed and allowed to come into their own for hundreds of years, resulting in an exceptionally unique floral bouquet. Very special cacao!