Turquoise Sea Urchin Hanging Wall Pods

by Denise Krueger


Lovely turquoise sea urchins for your personal tidepool.

These wall pods are hand-built from a groggy, cream-colored, low-fire clay by making two pinch pots and then attaching them together, making a hollow ball. The ball is then paddled into a flattish sea urchin shape appropriate for placing on a wall. Texture is impressed into the top of the pod, and tiny sea urchin "spines" are applied with a slip trailer and then poked in with a knitting needle tip. Transparent low-fire turquoise glaze is applied to reveal the cream colored clay beneath and the urchin is fired in the kiln to 1900 degrees F.

A hole on the underside of each sea urchin makes them ready to hang on your wall in any arrangement. They will protrude from your wall 1.5".

If you are placing them outdoors, be sure to bring them in if the temperature goes below freezing. They do fine in the rain, but when they get wet and then freeze, it can crack the glaze and the little dots off!

This unique sculpture is signed on the bottom by the artist, dkrueger, and titled "Sea Urchin Pod."

Available as a complete set of all 3 or individual.

small: 3" w

medium: 3.5" w

large: 4" w