Lava Rock Plant

by Hammer + Vine


In Hawaii, legend has it, Goddess Pele put a curse on anyone who takes lava rock away will suffer bad luck until the rock is returned. To give a peace of mind to those who purchase our lava rock plants, one of our suppliers hired a priest to bless the quarry on the Big Island when we first brought our lava rock from there. Anyway, it's a laborious and time-consuming process in selecting right types of lava rock that can be cut, shaped and holes drilled without breaking the rock into pieces. 

We shipped in a giant box of this beautiful lava rock from Oahu a decade ago and slowly plant our favorites in them. This is why our production of lava rock plants are limited. We hope you enjoy.

Easy care, bright filtered light and set lava rock in a dish of water, clear plastic tray will be included.