• T. Ionantha Air Plant Trio
  • T. Ionantha Air Plant Trio
  • T. Ionantha Air Plant Trio

T. Ionantha Air Plant Trio


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Our Ionantha Air Plant Trio features 3 different Ionantha species.
Tillandsia Ionantha's have the some of the most beautiful blooms of all the air plants. You will come home one day to find the tips of the leaves blushing a sweet redish-pink color. Once the leaves begin to blush your air plant will bloom beautiful vibrant purple flowers.

+ + + Incredibly easy to care for + + +
No soil need! Your air plant will love bright, indirect sunlight.
Submerge in water weekly and allow to dry thoroughly.

Tillandsia Ionantha Scaposa L 3-4 inches
Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra L 2-3"
Tillandsia Ionantha Ionantha L 2-3"
Air Plant Care Instructions

We hand select the healthiest and happiest air plants.
Air plants are unique and natural the exact shape and size will vary.

Please note: All of our air plants are nursery grown from seed or offset, we do not harvest from the wild.

*IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! If ordering in the winter we recommend our winter ready option that includes insulated packaging and a 72hr heat pack. Tillandsia can not handle frost. We can only guarantee plants that are shipped with this option. Please click here for WINTER READY SHIPPING

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