Heart Fern

by hammer + vine


Hemionitis Artifolia 'Heart Leaf Fern'

Available in a 4" growers pot.

A best seller! Heart ferns have an incredible leathery leaf texture. Like most ferns, the heart leaf is pet safe.

An epiphyte in nature, they grow on mossy tree trunks or well-draining areas with loose leaf litter or soil along the rainforest floor.

This plant is the perfect species for high humidity spaces like bathrooms, terrariums, vivariums, or under a cloche.

Watering - Water when 1/2 dry. If allowed to dry all the way through the leaves will start to curl, often they can bounce back from going completely dry.

Sunshine - Keep your plant in or near a window where it can have a great view of the sky. Would thrive in bright or medium light. Avoid all-day direct sun. Enjoys a warm and humid environment.