Air Plant Terrarium Pendant Fancy + Teal Glitter

by Curious Garden


Carry a piece of living art near your heart. This lovely little terrarium can be worn as a pendant or hung in a window.

The deluxe design has a teal center with light green glitter ascending dots down the side.

Hand blown by glass artists Devin Mense and Ashley Layne in Portland, OR. Each piece is created from borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex), known for its strength and durability. Every one is unique and will include a small opening for your air plant, a tiny hole in back for increased air circulation and Devin's signature "3 dot" bubbles accenting one or both openings.

The pendant is approximately 1.25" w x 2.5"h



Terrarium Pendant

Tiny Living Air Plant 

Hemp String Necklace

Care Instructions


Please note: All of our air plants are grown from seed or offset, we do not harvest from the wild :)

All glass pieces are handblown per order. Due to the process please allow up to two weeks for all glass items to be shipped. We do send a confirmation email with a tracking number once shipped.