Indoor Houseplant Trellis

by hammer + vine

Many popular houseplants are natural climbers and can benefit from support for upward growth. The structure of the trellis is great for weaving or attaching vines! This trellis is ideal for small pots of plants like pothos, philodendrons, hoyas, and more. These trellises are cut from finished mahogany plywood. 


Garden Trellis
Small - 7.25" H (≈5.5" above soil) x 3.75" W
Large - 10.75" H (≈8" above soil) x 5.625" W

Arch Ladder Trellis
Small - 8.5" H (≈6.5" above soil) x 2.5" W
Large - 10.5" H (≈7.5" above soil) x 3.5" W

Double Hoop Trellis
Small - 7" H (≈5.375" above soil) x 5.375" W
Large - 9.5" H (≈7.5" above soil) x 7.5" W

Installation Instructions:

Use a tool to create holes for the stakes (skewer, chopstick, screwdriver, etc.)
Insert stakes gently into the holes (do not force if there is resistance)
Leave a bit of black coating above the soil to avoid water damage