• T. Capitata Peach Air Plant
  • T. Capitata Peach Air Plant
  • T. Capitata Peach Air Plant

T. Capitata Peach Air Plant


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Tillandsia Capitata Peach is a beautiful species. This darling has a rosette of silvery leaves that in bloom will blush a spectatcular warm orange color, like a peach.

The vibrant purple flowers against the peach colored leaves is a lovely site to be seen.

+ + + Incredibly easy to care for + + +
No soil need! Your air plant will love bright, indirect sunlight.
Submerge in water weekly and allow to dry thoroughly.

1 Tillandsia Bulbosa // 4.5-5.5"
1 Tillandsia Butzii // 5-8"
1 Tillandsia Caput-Medusae // 4-6"
1 Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi // 7-8"
Air Plant Care Instructions

We hand select the healthiest and happiest air plants. 
Air plants are unique and natural the exact shape and size will vary.

Please note: All of our air plants are nursery grown from seed or offset, we do not harvest from the wild.

*IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! If ordering in the winter we recommend our winter ready option that includes insulated packaging and a 72hr heat pack. Tillandsia can not handle frost. We can only guarantee plants that are shipped with this option. Please click here for WINTER READY SHIPPING

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